Nordisk LAJ

Nordisk LAJ

The LAJ is a dual contour cargo container which is used on both main and lower deck. On lower deck it is typically used on A300/310 and B767. The standard container is supplied in all aluminium with fabric cover and woven net. The LAJ can also be supplied with transparent polycarbonate sheets.

Available options:

  • Additional wall stiffeners
  • Forkliftable base
  • Cargo floor
  • Transparent panels (polycarbonate)

Note: the door opening is not rectangular.


Technical Specifications
NAS3610 class   2A5C
Nordisk P/N   13536-1()
Base size 2235 x 3175 mm 88 x 125 in
Height 1626 mm 64 in
Roof length 3175 mm 125 in
Max. gross weight 6804 kg 15000 lbs
Internal volume 10.08 cu m 356 cu ft
External volume 10.34 cu m 365 cu ft
Door opening 3024 x 1527 mm (w x h) 119 x 60 in 8W x h)
Tare weight from 224 kg 494 lbs
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