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Military projects

Military projects

Nordisk's entrance into the Military Air Cargo market commenced in 2003. By utilizing our broadly based design knowledge and experience form the commercial product line, Nordisk is a strong collaborating partner for industrial companies, re-sellers and leasing companies of military containerized application for air cargo and ground equipment transport. Through several joint projects Nordisk has provided specifically designed air transportation platforms to different applications to the military.

One such product is the Joint Modular Intermodal Platform, commonly called J-MIP, for transportation of JMIC containers with ammunition. Nordisk produced 16 J-MIPs which currently are undergoing extensive field testing in USA and Australia.

Shell of a multi-purpose AKE

A different product, also developed for the Military market, is the multipurpose ULD equipped with hydraulic power pack and air compressor. The development project was done in cooperation with OMP Engineering.

ECDS air drop pallet
The ECDS platform is a purpose built air drop pallet with specially designed high grade steel alloy D-rings to attach the parachutes in each of the four corners of the pallet. The pallet is utilizing the super strong aluminum alloy 7108-t6 extrusions, as well as 7021-t6 aluminum sheets providing excessive resistance to wear and tear over the 6061 and 6063 alloys.

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