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Nordisk Heavy Duty pallets are designed for strength and durability and are ideally suited to the transport of oversized cargo.

Lightweight core extrusions, in combination with top and bottom sheets, distribute loads evenly over a larger area. High pallet stiffness allows for the use of forklifts.

Hollow edge rails, top and bottom sheets are in high strength aluminium alloy, providing high impact resistance and long service life.

Available options:

  • Colour coded edge rails
  • Colour coded corner forgings
  • Sandblasted or painted customer logo
Technical Specifications
NAS3610 class   2G1P
Nordisk P/N   NP24002
Base size 2438 x 6058 mm 96 x 238.5 in
Tare weight from (3.3 mm)
Tare weight from (3.7 mm)
Tare weight from (3.8 mm)
Tare weight from (4.0 mm)
Height 55 mm 2.2 in
Max. gross weight 13608 kg 30000 lb
Tare weight from 541 kg 1193 lb
Load bearing limit 3900 kg/sq.m 800 lb/sq. ft
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