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Quality in Nordisk

Quality in Nordisk

What we believe in
Quality in Nordisk is a foundation stone to operate legally as an actor in the aviation industry. Quality overall in Nordisk secure high performance in design, manufacture, distribution and certification of our products.

Quality is a part of the definition of the infrastructure that you expect to be present. When quality is working well it should go by unnoticed, only producing a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. Like driving on a new high way in a brand new car - you only notice the scenery.

Our scope and how we think quality
The products you purchase from Nordisk are manufactured and assembled under a well developed and mature quality assurance and control system. We have one quality system encompassing all of the organisation and all of our product lines.

As an approved manufacturer of TSO and ETSO certified products we have demonstrated to live up to the strictest standards in aviation industry. Nordisk approve and monitor our suppliers, and have full traceability of all parts and material applied.

In manufacture the quality performance is built into each of the individuals minds making a culture for quality troughout the organisation and the chain of delivery. Every single part is handled in the best way to secure ultimate quality for the customer.

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