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Nordisk AAF (LD26)

Nordisk AAF (LD26)

The Nordisk AAF is a classic single base aluminium container, with a strong and durable design. The AAF is used on a wide variety of aircrafts.

The standard version of Nordisk's AAF is fitted with cover and QuickZip net, which is easy and efficient to use. However, the AAF can also be supplied with metal door, as shown in the picture to the right.

Available options:

  • Blue or red fabric cover with Quick zip net (white)
  • Metal door (NP10047)
  • Blue or red pull straps, straight or looped
  • Shelf outboard, fixed or hinged


Technical Specifications
NAS3610 class   2A2C
Nordisk P/N   NP10046
Base size 2235 x 3175 mm 88 x 125 in
Height 1613 mm 63.5 in
Roof length 4059 mm 159.8 in
Max. gross weight 6033 kg 15000 lb
Internal volume 13 cu m 459 cu ft
External volume 13. cum 479 cu ft
Door opening 2928 x 1474 mm 58 x 115.3 in
Tare weight from 266 kg 586 lb
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