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Fly-Away Kit ULDs

Fly-Away Kit ULDs

Fly-Away Kit ULDs are used for storage and transportation of spare parts and tools, such as spare wheel and tyre assemblies, jacking pads and spare bulbs, and help reduce costly aircraft down time at out stations. 

All you need in one place
Nordisk's Fly-Away Kit ULDs are designed for safe storage and easy loading and unloading of spare parts and tools.

For instance, all Nordisk Fly-Away ULDs are equipped with a sturdy and foldable loading ramp, enabling a single engineer 'away from base' to carry out a wheel change with the concept of the container being offloaded next to the axle where the wheel change will be carried out. Thus you do not only reduce costly downtime but also help prevent health and safety issues that may occure when large and heavy main wheels are being manhandled out of a small confined area in the bulk.

Customized to your requirements 
Nordisk's Fly-Away Kit ULDs come with both soft and solid door configuration. Kits that are kept permanently on-board are recommended equipped with soft doors for maximum accessibility. 

The container's Wheel Cribs can be adjusted to allow transportation of alternative wheel dimensions and numbers, and smaller items are safely store in the Out-Board rack.

The standard Fly-Away Kit ULD has an AKN* contour and can be supplied in customized colours for easy identification.

*) Half width container, LD3/AKE shape and size with forkliftable base

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