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Dedicated to delivering true value

Nordisk is one of the ULD industry's strongest brands, with a long and proud history of innovations.

In the late 1960s Mr Magnar Henriksen, a Bachelor of Commerce with several years' experience from aviation, was employed by Nordisk and given transportation as focus area. Mr. Henriksen soon saw air cargo equipment as an interesting market, and in 1970, Henriksen and his team of engineers were given the go-ahead to develop and produce ULDs in Holmestrand, Norway.

The first Nordisk pallets left the factory in Holmestrand in 1972. Since then Nordisk has introduced a wide range of high quality air cargo containers and pallets for civil aviation. The hollow edge pallet introduced by Nordisk in 1975 represented an industry breakthrough in weight reduction. The world's first full width lower deck container, introduced in 1983, increased usable lower deck volumes. Today, our complete product range includes hundreds of different variants and customized solutions that help solve everyday challenges. One such challenge is excessive fuel consumption, effectively managed with the Nordisk Ultralite - the world's lightest air cargo container.

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