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Nordisk Ultralite® DQF

The DQF is a full width lower deck container which is a very good fit for Boeing 767.

Best lifecycle value:
The Nordisk Ultralite® offers several important benefits. With off-the-shelf self-adhesive patches panels are repairable in seconds at the point of use. Damaged panels leave no sharp edges hence are safe for bags and baggage handlers. Its exceptional low weight saves customers thousands of dollars over its life cycle.

Technical Specifications
NAS3610 class   N/A
Nordisk P/N   20910-1
Base size 1534 x 2438 mm 60.4 x 96 in
Height 1626 mm 64 in
Roof length 3175 mm 125 in
Max. gross weight 2449 kg 5400 lb
Internal volume 7.1 cu m 251 cu ft
External volume 7.9 cu m 279 cu ft
Door opening 2250 x 1538 mm 88.6 x 60.5 in
Tare weight from 86 kg 190 lb
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