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3,000 FireShield containers to large multinational airline

3,000 FireShield containers to large multinational airline

Nordisk have been engaged by a large, multinational airline to supply more than 3,000 fire resistant main deck cargo containers. Delivery of the first containers from Nordisk began in February and deliveries are expected to continue until October 2020. The contract is part of a program to upgrade the airline’s container fleet to withstand fires in cargo.

For more than 50 years Nordisk have helped customers ship cargo efficiently, safely and profitably. Headquartered in Holmestrand, Nordisk are proud that their products are in use on more than 10 million international flights a year.

“Our aim is to develop the best air cargo solutions in the world, and we are already well known for our products’ unique design, quality and durability. But we do not want to just settle for that. Innovation is in our DNA. For generations, our competent engineers have improved our products and set new industry standards. We have made our containers stronger and we have made them lighter. Now we make them safer” says Richard Betts, President of Nordisk Aviation Products.

The new FireShield-containers are specially designed for shipping flammable and dangerous goods. In the event of a fire, the container will suppress the flames and keep the aircraft safe for a minimum of 6 hours.  “With global online trade on the rise and an increase in shipments of battery-driven and potentially flammable products, fire safety is becoming more important than ever. Our vision is to increase safety on board – for passengers, crew and cargo”, continues Richard Betts.

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