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50 years of knowledge, know-how and expertise!

For over half a century, Nordisk has been at the forefront of the air cargo industry and the last ten years have been no exception. Nordisk has delivered more industry breakthroughs focusing on bringing the latest technology to our industry, whilst also finding solutions to the challenges that the cargo industry faces. Examples include our new range of FireShield™ containers, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) tracking technology and the introduction of the world’s lightest container! We have also expanded our activities in China and reached the landmark of seliing over 800,000 ULDs.

Breakthrough solutions solving industry challenges

 Many of our solutions respond to wider industry challenges. Demand by airlines and integrators for fire-resistant containers has been increasing over recent years and Nordisk was once again at the forefront, designing solutions that enable airlines to transport dangerous goods safely.

The first solution, the FireShield™ AAY/LAY main container, completed a full-scale fire-test in early 2019. The ISO test standard requires main deck containers to contain fire for at least 6 hours, with zero flame penetration. Full scale tests conducted by a highly accredited European test center, documented that the FireShield™ not only contains the fire but also isolates the heat, and keeps the surface temperature as low as 34°C.

Shipment of Lithium batteries became a significant problem for airlines over the last ten years, due to their extensive use and the risk of thermal runaway. In late 2019, the Nordisk FireShield ™+ AKE container successfully passed a full-scale fire test with 5,000 lithium-ion-batteries (type 18650, UN3480). The container resisted the fire for the duration of the test (over 6 hours) with zero flame penetration. 

The Nordisk FireShield™ ULD is the result of years of dedicated research into cargo fires and fire protection technology by Nordisk.

Continually resetting the standard

 Over the years, we have set many industry standards, and sometimes we do it again and again and again. In April 2019, Nordisk received final EASA approval for its latest UltraLite AKE, once again taking ULD weight to an all-time industry low. The new AKE Ultralite X weighed in at 49 kg (108 lbs), 6 kg (13.23 lbs) lighter than the existing Nordisk AKE and considerably lighter than any other AKE on the market. The AKE Ultralite X is perfect for operators of long-haul flights aiming to optimize weight to achieve fuel and emission savings. 

Since launching our first lower deck container in 1974, which weighed 147 kg (324 lbs), Nordisk has led the industry in designing the most technologically advanced, lightweight ULDs, offering a higher strength, lower-weight alternative to competing ULD products. By making significant investments in research, design and product engineering, we have achieved an average weight reduction of over 2 kg (4.41 lbs) per year.

Early adopters of innovative new technology

Not all developments are our own, but by keeping track of developments in industries around us, we also discover developments that may benefit our own industry. One such development was in early 2018, when Nordisk announced a joint agreement with Core Transport Technologies. The agreement was to co-market COREInsight Tracking, a ULD tracking solution that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Technology to track ULD equipment throughout airports and airline related facilities. The new technology enables Nordisk’s customers to keep track of their ULDs and more actively manage shipments.

Following on from this, we also developed an innovative new solution, that enables quick and easy retrofitting of Bluetooth trackers on pallets that are already in use. The device is made to fit behind the pallet edges, where it is protected from external impacts, and is easily installed by following a Nordisk Service Bulletin with tools that are readily available at any repair station. This new technology ensures our customers have full control and can keep track of their ULDs wherever in the world they may be!

800,000 ULDs successfully delivered

There are many ways to lead an industry, and the number of units delivered is perhaps another way to look at it. With 800,000 ULDs delivered over our 50 year history, there are not many who can compete.

Nordisk opens state-of-the-art factory in Kunshan!

In order to lead the industry, our production facilities must be modern and up-to-date. The Far East is an important market for is and in order to better serve this region, we expanded our activities in China in 2019, opening a new, state-of-the-art, 7000 m2 factory located at “Plainvim Park”, on the northern side of Kunshan. Considerable investments were made in new machinery, increased storage capacity and improved assembly space, enabling us to produce a wider range of our product portfolio, such as main deck containers and heavy-duty pallets, for the global market. In addition, by increasing storage capacity for both raw materials and finished products, we will be in a position to further improve delivery times. Increased capacity for assembling containers also enables assembly of panels and complete ULDs both for local airlines and international airlines who may want to pick up containers in the greater Shanghai region. 

The ULD industry experts

Over the past 50 years, Nordisk has developed a unique base of industry knowledge, know-how and expertise that is well rooted in our long history. Our future is held in the hands of the many industry experts and professionals that have made Nordisk their home. Through their uncompromising commitment to quality and improvement, we are able to design and supply high quality, durable ULDs that ensure safe and cost-efficient operations. On a yearly basis, we also provide service and support for more than 30,000 Nordisk part numbers, and ship more than 13 million spare parts all over the world.

Nordisk is committed to continual improvements and are active members of industry panels such as “SAE AGE-2”, “ULD CARE” and “IATA ULD Board, Technical Advisory Panel”, helping set the industry standard and raising the bar for the industry as a whole.

None of this would be possible without close relations with our customers, partners and suppliers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, partners and suppliers for their continued help and support. We look forward to playing a central role in the air cargo industry for many years to come!

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