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800,000 ULDs successfully delivered since 1970

800,000 ULDs successfully delivered since 1970

In May 2018, Nordisk successfully sold its 800,000th ULD since our first steps into the ULD world in 1970. The proud purchaser was ULD management and repair provider Unilode, who we presented with a special decal on the AKE container. Richard Betts met with Benoît Dumont, Unilode CEO, in Unilode’s repair centre in London, to mark the occasion and extend our gratitude.

800,000 is such a large number that it’s difficult to get a real sense of the scale. To put it into perspective: If we lined all 800,000 ULDs up one after the other, they would stretch from London to Athens, or New York to Houston! If these loaded pallets and containers were stacked on top of each other, the tower would reach well into the Exosphere, our atmosphere’s outer layer – where the top would be an obstacle for the Earth’s many satellites, and half of it would be surrounded by northern lights.

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