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Celebrating 100 years of commercial aviation

Celebrating 100 years of commercial aviation

In 1970 the Boeing 747, the first widebody aircraft, enters service and kick-starts a new industry - the ULD industry.

On 1 January 1914 the airline industry was born and over the next 100 years, commercial aviation has transformed the world. 

The first commercial jet aircraft entered service in the early 1950s and with that air travel was available to a larger group of travellers. However, the real shift came in 1970 with the "Jumob Jet", the Boeing 747, the first wide-body ever produced. The aircraft could carry around 400 passengers and the cargo hold had room for 3,400 pieces of baggage which, thanks to air cargo containers, could be unloaded in seven minutes.

In the article to the right and on this website, you can read about Nordisk's role in this transformation, and participation in the birth and development of air cargo containers and pallets, also known as ULDs.

Ps.. you can also explore the timeline om www.flying100years.com  and learn about the fantastic events that constitute the history of aviation.

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