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Increased flexibility with new adaptable door

Increased flexibility with new adaptable door

At Nordisk, we aim to make air transport easy. By working closely together with customers, and understanding the way they and their businesses work, we can continually improve the products and services we offer.

One central requirement for efficient cargo handling today is flexibility. The same ULD container may be used for everything from small packages to larger freight on pallets. Whatever the freight, ULDs must endure fast and efficient cargo handling, that keeps cargo safe and secure.

With this in mind, we have recently developed a new door solution. The adaptable door is as wide as the container and also has a centered roll-up door with an opening of 100 cm (ca. 41 inches) to suit your cargo operations and needs for both smaller packages and larger palletized freight.

The adaptable roll-up door design, is also spring operated and can be easily retracted in seconds, minimizing manual effort and enabling single-handed operation. The spring has no mechanical parts and is protected by a case, ensuring minimal damage. The case is also easily disassembled for simple repair and maintenance. The door is robust, with a high resistance to burst through damage, and with locks on both sides, a single turn of the lever secures the door and your cargo. 

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