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Official opening ceremony for new factory in Kunshan, China

Official opening ceremony for new factory in Kunshan, China

At the end of May, Nordisk proudly held the official opening ceremony of its new factory in Kunshan, China. Customers and suppliers attended along with members of the Nordisk management team, represented by Richard Betts, Atle Lohne, Jon Anders Naess and Nils Martin Teien.

The opening ceremony had been planned for several months. An event company was hired to plan, prepare and facilitate the activities, both at the factory based reception in the morning, and lunch at the Fairmont Hotel.

Dragons and dancers arrived, huge screens were erected, and flowers filled the factory. The first thing to meet guests upon arrival were the dancing dragons. Guests were then guided through a reception area, where all signed in on a “registration wall” and were given a welcoming gift. After that, guests were guided through a “Nordisk tunnel” formed like an aircraft fuselage, containing historic Nordisk pictures and a “history-tree” printed as a “runway” inside the fuselage. At the end of the tunnel, there was a laser projecting the Nordisk logo in dry ice smoke before you entered the middle section of the factory, where the ceremony took place.  

After a bit of mingling, the official program took place where members of the Nordisk team talked about the company history, our international presence and latest product developments such as the digitalization of ULDs, new FireShield containers, and the new Ultralite X AKE container. Followed of course by the official opening of the Kunshan facility. All in all, a very successful event.

On the following day, we had invited suppliers for a “Supplier Day”. Also a successful event including good presentations from some of our largest suppliers.

Click on this picture to see a brief video of the opening of the factory:

Video of Kunshan factory opening

Other pictures taken from the event:


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