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Nordisk develops integrated pallet-edge rail solution for digital tags

Nordisk develops integrated pallet-edge rail solution for digital tags

Nordisk Aviation Products works closely together with customers to find solutions to their individual needs and requirements and recently developed an integrated pallet-edge rail solution for digital tags for Unilode Aviation Solutions.

Unilode has clear goals for the digitalization of its ULD fleet and digital tags will enable them to monitor variables such as temperature and shock, wherever in the world their ULDs are. Nordisk has developed a non-obstructive mounting solution for Unilode’s digital pallet tags that is reliable and durable, yet almost invisible in daily operations. Unilode has already started equipping its ULD fleet with digital tags. Their existing Nordisk pallets, including heavy duty pallets, will be retrofitted with the digital tags and new Nordisk pallets for Unilode will be delivered with a pre-installed tag.

Mr. Benoît Dumont, Unilode CEO, said: "It is our clear ambition to bring the aviation industry to the next level of efficiency and supply chain transparency with digital ULDs. Sophisticated and smart solutions require stronger collaboration between the players along the supply chain. The digital solution for Nordisk pallets is the result of a successful cooperation and an important step towards our goal to digitalise Unilode's entire ULD fleet for the benefit of all our current and future customers."

Nordisk President, Richard Betts, concludes: "The integrated x-rail digital solution for Unilode has been developed in good cooperation over the past few months. Nordisk is pleased to contribute to Unilode's award-winning digital transformation programme, which is the next step of evolution in the aviation industry. Nordisk pallets will be fitted with the x-rail solution in the coming months and we look forward to the digital pallets being used by Unilode's customers worldwide."

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