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Nordisk launches the AKE TwinLite UX

Nordisk launches the AKE TwinLite UX

Nordisk recently launched the AKE TwinLite UX. This series of containers is built with Nordisk´s newest and lightest X frame extrusion family and the standard design with a fabric door has a manufactured weight of just 55kg.

The Nordisk TwinLite is a composite based ULD first introduced in 2010. The new AKE TwinLite UX container is covered with TwinLite U 0.6mm composite panels, a stiffer and more robust next generation of our TwinLite material. The container has a lower outboard panel of the stronger TwinLiteU 1.1mm sheet to better reinforce this area and panel edges are protected all around with additional 2mm thick aluminum extrusions, improving resistance to wear and tear further. The AKE TwinLite UX is available with Flex and Bar door options.

With so many TwinLite based ULDs in operation today, repairs must be conducted from time to time. In many cases, these are minor and can be completed without removing the unit from service. All non-structural tears or punctures are easily patched and ULDs can be supplied with additional kick strips and stiffeners for this purpose.

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