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Nordisk pallet celebrates its 40 years anniversary!

Nordisk pallet celebrates its 40 years anniversary!

Nordisk has been a leading supplier of ULDs for many years, and this year marks 40 years since Nordisk received its first NAS3610 approval.

In total 6 pallets - the 88" x 53", 88" x 108" and 88" x 125" - in respectively sandwich and all-aluminium design, were certified by the Norwegian Aviation Authorities on April 17th 1972.

Mr. Jan Christiansen, Technical Manager and head of product development in Nordisk from 1970 to 2004 remembers:
"As Nordisk was a newcomer we decided that we needed to develop a product that was different and better. Our competitors offered pallets with balsa honeycomb core, a popular product but the balsa was like a sponge and water made the balsa wood swell and collapse. To counter this problem, Nordisk's sandwich pallet used a new PVC honeycomb material called Divinycelle. Another breakthrough was the new high strength 7021 alloy which was developed by Nordisk metallurgists in cooperation with Det Norske Veritas and Oslo Materialprøveanstalt."

Much has happened on product development during the 40 years. Considerable progress has been made on ULD tare weight, design and materials. Nordisk has managed to keep the same customer focus that gave us the sandwich and all-aluminium pallets in 1972. With our know-how and dedication we are well positioned to continue to promote and improve the ULD industry in the next 40 years.

Holmestrand, Tuesday 17th April, 2012
Anne Kristoffersen
Customer Relations and Marketing Manager

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