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Safe transportation of dangerous goods

Safe transportation of dangerous goods

Nordisk proudly presents the long awaited FireShield™+, which represents years of dedicated research into cargo fires and fire protection technology. Shipping Lithium batteries has become a significant problem for airlines over recent years, due to the intrinsic risk of thermal runaway and the extensive use of lithium batteries in all kinds of products.

The FireShield™+ is currently available as an AKE, and is built to withstand the most extreme conditions. Its unique design regulates airflow, controlling the fire. Panels and door materials are produced with high temperature flame resistant materials, which must pass mechanical tests, as well as flame penetration tests, and vertical burn tests. The result is an extremely durable Nordisk ULD, that enables safe and reliable transportation, with service and support from the leading industry expert.    

Nordisk FireShield+ passes Li-ion battery tests

The Nordisk FireShield™+ recently passed the Lithium-ion battery test. The test was set up in accordance with ISO 19281 and upcoming SAE AS8992™ standard, chapter 6.3, but adapted to a lithium-ion battery load. The Nordisk FireShield™+ AKE container was filled with 5,000 lithium-ion-batteries (type 18650, UN3480) and resisting the fire for the duration of the test, (over 6 hours), with zero flame penetration.

Effective protection against Li-ion fires in cargo

The graphs shows how the ignition source forced the surrounding batteries into thermal runaway, causing a sudden increase in battery temperature and subsequent electrolyte breakdown. During the following hours, several small fires developed but self-extinguished after a short time as the FireShield™ door effectively vents out smoke and gas without allowing new oxygen in.

Safe transportation of dangerous goods

The introduction of the Nordisk FireShield™ AKE means airlines can now transport dangerous goods safely. Nordisk is determined to continue to play a leading role in this area and are currently working on further additions to the FireShield family.

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