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Smart solution for retrofit of BLE trackers on pallets

Smart solution for retrofit of BLE trackers on pallets

Earlier this year, Nordisk announced a joint agreement with Core Transport Technologies to co-market COREInsight Tracking, a ULD tracking solution that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology to track ULD equipment throughout airports and airline related facilities.

The arrangement enables Nordisk’s customers to keep track of their ULDs and more actively manage shipments. We are working on solutions to embed tracking technology into the physical design of the Nordisk ULD, the first real step in the creation of a smart ULD. But what about the ULDs and pallets that are on the market or already in full use today?

Nordisk has now developed an innovative new solution, with “patent pending” status, that will enable quick and easy retrofitting of Bluetooth trackers on pallets that are already in use. The device is made to fit behind the pallet edges, where it is protected from external impacts, and is easily installed by following a Nordisk Service Bulletin and tools available at any repair station. It’s unique design will still allow the tracker to receive and transmit signals at long range, and allow your older pallets to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology, while you sleep easy knowing exactly where your pallets and cargos are.

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