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88 x 108 inch Heavy Duty Pallet (MIL-STD-1791)

88 x 108 inch Heavy Duty Pallet (MIL-STD-1791)

With fuel costs soaring, weight is becoming increasingly important to anyone responsible for air freight. Our single base 88" x 108" pallet weighs close to 20% less than other comparable pallets, giving you the choice to either reduce fuel cost or transport more cargo per flight.

The 88" x 108" pallet is a robust and durable cargo pallet for efficient and cost effective cargo transportation.The pallet is fitted with 22 standard D-rings for net attachment and is designed for use onboard military freighter aircraft. 

Customers can chose to upgrade the pallet by including continued seat tracks for increased operational flexibility. Continued seat track allow studs and locks to be installed along the full length and width of the pallet, offering the loading crew maximum flexibility in securing loads to the pallet.

Robust and durable design
The shape and geometry of edge extrusions in high strength 7000-series alloy in combination with an effective attachment of the sheet, ensures high stiffness and rigidity.

The heavy duty aluminium base sheet in high strength 7021-T6 alloy is resistant to heat, moisture and UV-light.

A Single Base pallet will not experience delamination.

Save more money with easy repair and maintenance
The single base pallets unique but simple design makes it easy to repair thus offers easy and inexpensive maintenance and repair. No special tooling or high-tech repair procedures are required. 

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience in design and production of state of the art air cargo pallets for civil aviation, Nordisk offers a pallet that combines the recommendations defined in MIL-STD-1791 with commercial avition requirments, resulting in a durable, heavy duty pallet offering low cost repair and 20% lower weight than comparable products.

 Base size:  88 x 108 in        2235 x 3743 mm 
 Height:  2.6 in   66 mm 
 Tare weight:  243 lb   110 kg 
 Gross weight:  10,000 lb   4,636 kg 





Aircraft suitability:

  • C-5A, C-5B, C-5C, C-5M
  • C-17 Globemaster
  • C-130 E/C, C-130H, C-130J Hercules
  • C-27J Spartan
  • CH-47
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