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Leading the way

Leading the way

Sustainability and market needs are the fundamental principles on which we base our product development. When Nordisk entered the air cargo five decades ago, we knew that we had to develop and supply a product that offered the customer a unique and distinct benefit.

At that time balsa honeycomb core was the standard design in air cargo pallets, but the balsa would swell and collapse if water penetrated, resulting in reduced service life. To counter this problem, Nordisk developed a sandwich pallet that used a new, water-repellent PVC honeycomb material.

Nordisk was also the first ULD manufacturer to use high grade aluminium 7000 series alloy, adding increased strength and durability to ULD products, and the first to introduce hollow edge pallets, dramatically reducing unit weight without sacrificing strength.

During the next 50 years Nordisk developed and introduced a wide range of new ULD products to market, improved product performance and set new industry standards.


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