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Durable by design

Since 1969, Nordisk Aviation Products has designed, developed and manufactured hundreds of thousands of state-of-the-art Unit Load Devices (ULDs). We are the global leader in our field, supplying almost every wide-bodied aircraft in the world and offering the most extensive range of air cargo pallets and containers. Our mission is to develop and supply efficient, reliable and safe ULD solutions that make air cargo easy.


  • 1972 First pallet certified
  • 1974 First lower deck container certified
  • 1975 Nordisk introduced the world’s first hollow edge pallet
  • 1978 First upper deck container certified
  • 1982 First heavy duty 20ft pallet certified
  • 1984 The world’s first AAU container introduced
  • 1991 Delivery of 50,000th container
  • 1999 Teleflex acquisition of Century ULD supplier through its Telair subsidiary
  • 2000 The first UltraLite® container introduced
  • 2006 Delivery of 500,000th ULD
  • 2006 Launch of Nordisk WeightSaver™
  • 2008 Integration of Telair branded ULDs into the Nordisk Aviation Products company
  • 2010 Introduction of Nordisk UltraLite® 55 kg and Nordisk *Lite series
  • 2014 Introduction of Nordisk Fire Shield container concept
  • 2018 Delivery of 800,000th ULD
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