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Contact us


Our sales representatives for ULDs:


Mr. Peter Grau 
Phone: +45 4020 6607
E-mail: peter.grau@nordisk-aviation.com

Ms. Lucie Kamphaug Phone: +47 4760 6985
E-mail: lucie.kamphaug@nordisk-aviation.com

Mr. BY Sim
Phone: +852 2107 6668 Fax: +852 2107 6601
E-mail: bysim@nordisk-aviation.com 

People's Republic of China:
Mr. YX Ma
E-mail: yxma@nordisk-aviation.com 

Mr. Hector Plaza
Phone: +1 805-428 8981
E-mail: hector.plaza@nordisk-aviation.com 



Aftermarket support and spare parts sales:

E-mail: CustomerService@nordisk-aviation.com

Your requests and orders will be handled by one of our agents:

Asia/PRC: Ms Sherry Zhang

Europe/Middle-East/Africa: Ms Linda Kjonnoy

North/South Americas: Mr Andrew T. Monarch


Nordisk HQ:

Nordisk Aviation Products AS
PO Box 173, 3081 Holmestrand
Tel: +47 33 06 61 00

E-mail: mail@nordisk-aviation.com

Nordisk QA/QC team:

E-mail: NordiskQuality@nordisk-aviation.com



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