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Ferry Containers

Ferry Containers

Nordisk supplies baggage containers for operation on speed ferries in the Pearl River Delta region. With more than 40 years experience from aviation, Nordisk knows how to design functional, lightweigt containers for rough environments. The Nordisk Ferry Container weighs 55% less, yet offer a 25% higher internal volume than the traditional "Lunch Box" container.

Nordisk light weight ferry containers are made in high strength 7000-series aluminium alloy which offers excellent weight-to-strength ratios.
The container has a full size fabric door for easy loading and unloading of baggage and cargo.

High strength lifting slings at each corner of the roof makes the container easy to move on and off the ship.

Technical Specifications
NAS3610 class   N/A
Nordisk P/N   NP28003
Base size 1450 x 1250 mm 57 x 49 in
Height 1550 mm 61 in
Roof length 1450 mm 57 in
Max. gross weight 650 kg 1433 lb
Internal volume 2.65 cu m 93.6 cu ft
External volume 2.8 cu m 99 cu ft
Door opening 1293 x 1445 mm 51 x 57 in
Tare weight from 70 kg 154 lb
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