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Say 'goodbye' to excessive door maintenance costs

Say 'goodbye' to excessive door maintenance costs

Ever since the start, Nordisk has developed and sold products that add real value to our customers' businesses.

Our objective in fabric door design is to deliver lightweight, durable doors for safe containment through a strategic balance of key factors - lightweight, user-friendly, compliance and high environmental and operational resistance.

In the Nordisk D4000 flexi door we utilise one of the strongest polyethylene fibres on the market. Impressive tensile strength, remarkable impact resistance, and excellent tear and wear properties makes the Nordisk D4000 door tougher and more resistant to puncture and cutting. The best choice for ULD operations struggling with excessive door maintenance costs.

Functional container design makes the door easy to take off or mount back on, hence the door can be retrofitted to several of our container types. 

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