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Designed and made to measure!

Designed and made to measure!

We pride ourselves on our ability to customise ULD solutions to customers’ individual needs and requirements, often with demanding time-lines. One such example is a recent project which involves the delivery of 30 customer tailored containers for high value cargo and equipment. The program involves ULDs in 3 different sizes and 9 different interior and door configurations, all certified to NAS3610.

The ULDs cover K-, L-, and A-size, and will be utilized in a B747-400 business jet aircraft. The individual ULDs are designed to carry a wide range of equipment and supplies, including medical supplies, beds and crew seats, as well as spare-parts and maintenance equipment for the aircraft. A total of 9 different interior configurations, with purpose-built shelves, cupboards and racks have been designed down to the finest details, including textiles and fabrics for the desired surface finish. The containers have varying door configurations, including roll-up, metal and flex doors, with varying positioning, allowing for easy access based on equipment carried and the position of the ULD in the aircraft.

The order was extremely time sensitive, with only 10 months from primary contact to final delivery of finished products.

Audun Rør, Engineering Director, explains “We have produced Nordisk AKN Fly away Kit (FAK) for many years, a ULD which is designed for safe storage and easy loading and unloading of spare parts and tools. This order is principally a variation on this theme, but of course with more container sizes and a great many more variations. Short delivery times can be challenging, but Nordisk has extensive sourcing and design experience, so all features can be designed, tested and manufactured by Nordisk in line with international safety requirements."

This is one of many examples where Nordisk has tailor-made ULD designs to suit customers’ individual needs. Please get in touch for more information!

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