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Nordisk launches the world´s lightest ULD!

Nordisk launches the world´s lightest ULD!

In April 2019, Nordisk received final EASA approval for its latest AKE. Combining a new composite panel material, with a new 7000-alloy hollow-frame design and a new lighter base, the new AKE Ultralite X weighs in at 49 kg (108 lbs), 6 kg (13.23 lbs) lighter than the current Nordisk AKE and considerably lighter than any other AKE on the market today.

The AKE Ultralite X is perfect for operators of long-haul flights aiming to optimize weight to achieve fuel and emission savings. The new composite panel material that is used was certified by EASA to TSO C90d standard in April 2019 and is light and extremely robust. The AKE Ultralite X will be available in TwinLite X and AluLite X versions, with Flex and Bar door options.

Since launching its first lower deck container in 1974, which weighed 147 kg (324 lbs), Nordisk has led the industry in designing the most technologically advanced, lightweight ULDs, offering a higher strength, lower-weight alternative to competing ULD products. By making significant investments in research, design and product engineering, we have achieved an average weight reduction of over 2 kg (4.41 lbs) per year.    

With the new AKE in place, Nordisk’s third generation Lite product line will include the Nordisk Ultralite® X (49 kg / 108 lbs), the Nordisk TwinLiteU X (53 kg / 117 lbs) and Nordisk AluLite X (60 kg / 132 lbs).  The Nordisk Ultralite® X AKE, at 49 kg, is 25% lighter than standard aluminum AKE (LD3) containers, and considerably lighter than competing lightweight containers, offering customers substantial cost savings.


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