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Presenting the new Nordisk Lite AKH

Presenting the new Nordisk Lite AKH

Nordisk launches its 3rd generation lightweight AKH container. The new Nordisk Lite AKH is a robust ULD design incorporating the same stringent standards as all Nordisk ULDs, but offering an additional 5 kg weight saving compared to its predecessors. In addition, focus had been on creating a smooth internal finish with few protruding parts, making the new AKH container perfect for vulnerable/fragile cargos. AKH containers can be used on all narrow body Airbus aircraft A319, A320 and A321 with a cargo loading system (CLS) installed.

One family - many benefits

The new AKH belongs to the Nordisk Lite family of functional and reliable ULDs. Based on Nordisk’s existing design concept, but refined and improved, the new Nordisk AKH offers several important benefits, such as fewer spare part variants, simplified logistics and lower costs. Weight has been further reduced with the help of new, streamlined extrusions with no flanges, and by placing rivet tail ends inside extrusions, we have achieved a smooth internal finish. Upper and lower outboards are retracted as standard, with the exception of clamping bars, all extrusions are in the high strength aluminium alloy 7108-T6. The new Lite AKH is available as TwinLite (58 kg) and AluLite (62 kg). As they both belong to the same design family, they share the same basic parts that are interchangeable. 

Nordisk - durable by design

For more than 4 decades it has been our mission to design and build ULDs that last. We are proud of our engineering capacity and expertise, a resource that enables us to be at the forefront of ULD design. This is the reason we are able to minimise mass without reducing strength or compromising quality. Our designers build strength where strength is needed, developing new extrusions and selecting high quality materials and alloys that combined create the ULDs that fulfil our, and the industry’s, stringent standards.

Engineering Director Audun Rør sums up the development. “The new AKH marks a new generation in lightweight ULDs. For decades, Nordisk has led the industry in designing the most technologically advanced, lightweight ULDs, providing operators with a higher strength, lower-weight alternative to competing ULD products.  ULDs today weigh around a third of those we produced in the early 1970s. We look at every aspect of the product from materials, to design, to production methods, in our kilo quest. To be honest, it is when long experience is combined with the latest methods that we see real progress!»

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