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FQA pallet

FQA pallet

The FQA is a non-certified pallet which can only be used on B767.

Available options:

  • Pallet net
  • Customer logo or code sandblasted on sheet
  • Anodized edge rails
  • Powder coated edge rails

The FQA pallet is also available with CTSO certificate (ref. NP23006).

P/N Size Height Pallet type NAS 3610
1305 60,4/61.5" x 96" 64"/80" FQA N/A
Technical Specifications
NAS36100 class   N/A
Nordisk P/N   11600-Q
Base size 1534 x 2438 mm 60.4 x 96 in
Tare Weight (3.3mm) 48 kg 106 lb
Tare Weight (3.7mm) 51 kg 112 lb
Tare Weight (3.8mm)
Tare Weight (4.0 mm) 53 kg 117 lb
Max. gross weight
Tare weight from
Load bearing limit
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