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PMC pallet

PMC pallet

A popular lightweight aluminium cargo pallet in high strength 7000-series alloy, used on both main deck and lower deck.

On all 125-88/96 inch pallets, sheets are clamped to edge rails with 45° chamfers and staggered rows of rivets, providing an extra long service life.

Nordisk PMC pallets are available in tare weights from 86 kgs /190 lbs to 102 kg/225 lbs, depending on configuration.

Brand your pallet:
Nordisk offers several ways of giving your pallet a strong identification. For instance, to discourage theft, customer identification can be metal stamped at various locations on the pallet. Alternatively pallet edge rails and/or corners can be anodized in your company's logo colours. 

Another option that increases recognition is sandblasting the company logo onto the pallet sheet.

Available options:

  • Pallet net
  • Pallet wing
  • Pallet wing with shelf
  • Anti-theft stamping
  • Colour coded corner forgings and edge rails
  • Sandblasted or painted customer logo

Nordisk P/N: 117442-9
Tare weight per wing: 57 lb/ 26 kg
For use with: PMC with shelf
P/N Size Height Pallet type NAS 3610
1307 88"/96" x 125" 80'' PAG/PMC 2A1N - 2M2N
1302 88"/96" x 125" 64''  PAG/PMC 2A1N - 2M2N
1300 88"/96" x 125" 96''  PAG/PMC 2A1N - 2M2N
1301 88"/96" x 125" 118'' PAG/PMC 2A1N - 2M2N
Technical Specifications
NAS36100 class   2M4P
Nordisk P/N   39240-M
Base size 2438 x 3175 mm 96 x 125 in
Tare Weight (3.3mm) 87 kg 192 lbs
Tare Weight (3.7mm) 93 kg 205 lbs
Tare Weight (3.8mm)
Tare Weight (4.0 mm) 98 kg 216 lbs
Max. gross weight
Tare weight from
Load bearing limit
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