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Operational Damage Limits Notice (ODLN)

Operational Damage Limits Notice (ODLN)

To simplify the process for operations in the cargo environment IATA has created a standard format Operational Damage Limits Notice (ODLN). Learn how to read and use the ODLN through our easy-to-use training and instruction guide.

All certified containers and pallets must be inspected for damage before each use. The ODLN can be found on a decal attached to the container or pallet and states the damage limitations applicable to that ULD. Nordisk has created an easy-to-use training and instruction guide which gives a thorough but comprehensive introduction to ODLN.

Damage limitations will vary from one product brand to another. Please note that the damage limitations in this document are for illustration purpose only. Always refer to the OEMs manual and ODLN when inspecting your unit.

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